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Dr. Kathryn Shulman, NMD

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Naturopathic & Homeopathic
Virtual Consultations

(480) 530-5600

My goal is to help my clients feel well and become their vibrant selves. With my knowledge and guidance, clients can feel comfortable and reassured that homeopathy is a safe, simple, yet powerful modality, which can bring forth profound healing. With this awareness, my clients feel a true sense of agency, as they embark upon their healing journey.
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Specializing in Homeopathy & Naturopathic Care
For Children:
I provide individualized homeopathic care for chronic and pediatric conditions that present with developmental, behavioral, and physiological challenges. This includes support for:
  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder): Addressing the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum.
  • PANS/PANDAS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Disorders/Associated with Streptococcus): Focusing on neuropsychiatric conditions linked with infectious triggers.
  • ADD/ADHD, OCD, ODD, etc.: Managing attention deficit, obsessive-compulsive, and oppositional defiant disorders through a gentle, natural approach.
For Adults:
For adults facing chronic autoimmune disorders or emotional health challenges, I provide compassionate, individualized treatments, including support for:
  • Chronic Autoimmune Disorders: RA, SLE, MS, IBS,  Thyroiditis, CREST
  • Long COVID: Low energy, fatigue, lingering global aches and pains
  • Emotional Health Challenges: Addressing anxiety, depression, and generational traumas and its physiological impact.
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What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a natural healing modality developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s. It operates based on the "Law of Similars," or the principle of "like cures like."
Key Features:
  • Natural and Gentle: Remedies are made from natural sources (plants, animals, minerals) and are highly diluted and potentized.
  • Individualized Treatment: Each remedy is carefully selected based on your unique symptom presentation, ensuring a personalized healing experience.
  • Holistic Philosophy: Unlike allopathic medicine, homeopathy does not suppress symptoms. Instead, it aligns and rebalances with the body's innate self-healing abilities, which is called the "vis".
  • Catalytic Action: The remedies act as catalysts, prompting the body to return to its natural state of well-being.
Educating and Supporting My Clients:
  • Understanding homeopathy can be challenging, especially for those new to this kind of medicine. I dedicate ample time to educating clients, answering questions, and providing resources and handouts for ongoing support between visits.
  • Join me on this holistic journey to wellness, where we explore the profound healing potentials of homeopathy, tailored to your unique health needs.
"In my practice, I use both classical and modern homeopathy and incorporate the Compassion Key Technique, which is especially effective for discovering and releasing blockages that contribute to physical, mental and emotional ailments. 
Chronic conditions are complex and in my
experience, they require layering of homeopathic remedies and multiple modalities."
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What is Compassion Key?

It is a technique, created by Edward Mannix, which combines the transformative healing power of compassion, mindfulness, creativity and intentionality. A session can take place via phone or video connection.

As a certified practitioner of Compassion Key, it is my role to help individuals overcome their emotional and psychological challenges, and release emotional traumatic blockages. The goal is to find peace and resolution to painful experiences and dysregulated, disempowered health challenges, in order to promote well-being and healing. I find that homeopathy paired with Compassion Key is incredibly empowering and redirects the healing trajectory onto a most positive course.

The 9 components of the Compassion Key Technique:

  • Facilitating Self Compassion

  • Mindfulness through Experience

  • Energy Healing Techniques

  • Emotional Release

  • Transformative Dialogues

  • Integrating Compassion and Love

  • Personal Growth

  • Healing Intentions

  • Ongoing Support

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Who is Dr. Kathy Shulman?


I am a dedicated naturopathic doctor with a deep-rooted passion for natural healing. The journey towards embracing naturopathy began in my 20s, fueled by an enduring dream to become a doctor, a vision that took root in 6th grade. My inspiration stemmed from observing my father, an internal medicine doctor renowned for his meticulous care and warm bedside manner. Growing up in a small town in Vermont, I admired how he formed lasting relationships with patients across generations, always prioritizing their well-being, even if it meant running behind schedule.

However, as much as I respected traditional medicine, my aspirations leaned towards a path less traveled. The idea of solely relying on pharmaceuticals throughout my medical career didn’t resonate with my vision of healing. I believed in the value and place for prescription medication, and still do today, but I was more curious and captivated by the power of natural remedies and sought to explore alternative healing methods that aligned more closely with my philosophy.

This quest for holistic knowledge led me to first become a Certified Herbalist, then a Certified Yoga Instructor and then to a significant turning point in my early 40s where I embarked upon an academic journey at the Southwest College of Natural Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. In 2016 I earned my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. This accomplishment not only marked the beginning of my professional transformation but also reinforced my identity as a healer and perpetual student of natural medicine.


Today, I stand proud as an accomplished, dedicated doctor in the field of naturopathic medicine, but more importantly, as a compassionate healer who continues to learn and evolve. My approach to healing is rooted in the wisdom passed down from my father, from the ongoing support from my mother, an educator and caregiver, and from my firm belief in the efficacy of natural, holistic treatments. I am committed to providing my clients with a unique blend of traditional and natural care and fostering a nurturing and safe environment for healing.

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shulman. We started working with Dr. Shulman almost two years ago. Her first patient was our son who has  PANS. At the time, we were complete prisoners of our son’s illness and completely lost. I felt that every other medical professional disregarded my son’s symptoms and I could not find answers anywhere. I am a mental health professional and I felt plagued with guilt because if anyone should know how to handle my son’s behaviors it should have been me."

Catalina, Virginia, USA


  Tel: (480) 530-5600

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